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  • Boulder Educational Article of the Month - Which is easier to trap - Boulder mice or rats?

Which is easier to trap - Boulder mice or rats?

Due to similar look of Boulder rats and mice, most people often mistake them to be same. While these two species are similar in many ways, it is important for you to know that they also have huge differences. Their differences range from physical appearance, origin, and characteristics. It can be difficult trying to trap rat or mice but the difficulties are not of equal magnitude.

The Things You Need To Know About Colorado Mice
Mice are easily identified with their hairless ears, small feet and eyes. They are good jumpers, swimmers and climbers and also nocturnal. Their little body size is the reason why trapping them usually poses difficulty to trappers. But, attracting them to your trap is easier as they are omnivores feeding on both vegetables and meat. Some foods they eat include: Seeds, nuts, cereals and meat, so you can always chose bait for the mice disturbing your peace.

Points to Note about Rats
Differentiating Boulder rats from mice can easily be done when a closer look is made on the physical body size. They are known to have longer bodies when compared to mice and also have hairless tails. Rats are not as good in climbing as mice and always walk around on the ground. Though they are nocturnal just like mice, they are also known to be active sometimes during the day. They are equally omnivores feeding on both plant and animal food sources.

Why Catching Rats Is Easier Than Mice
Trapping mice can with snap trap can be more difficult than with Colorado rats. The rats with their longer bodies can easily be trapped in snap trap. Also, due to the fact that rats often walk around on the ground on their foot and also slower in their movement, they can easily be trapped. If you keep your trap on the ground, you have higher chances of trapping rats than mouse.

How You Can Trap Mice
You can waste your time when you try to trap Boulder mice with your snap trap like you did with rats. This is due to the swiftness and smartness of mice in movement. So, to catch them what you need is sticky glue, which will be difficult for them to escape after being trapped there.

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