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  • Boulder Educational Article of the Month - How to Protect Stream or Pond from a Boulder Deer Attack

How to Protect Stream or Pond from a Boulder Deer Attack

Deer in the United States enjoy spending more time beside the streams, ponds or other water-logged areas. These areas help them to gain easy access to plants to eat while drinking fresh water. But the sad fact is that many times they even start attacking streams and ponds within human habitats. Hence, it is important to take immediate steps to get rid of them. Most homeowners prefer to use traps to capture them; however, the other commonly used solution is using repellents, but they are not always effective; especially in the rainy season when water droplets take away their smell and taste. In a similar manner, traps are not always effective against Boulder deer; moreover, it is illegal to use traps to capture or harm deer in the United States.

Exclusion Methods:
When traps and repellents fail, exclusion techniques are proven as best and harmless way to deal with the dealers and to keep them away from the pond or stream. However, before you install the exclusion devices, it is important to trace the access routes that they follow to reach up to the stream; once you identify that path; it is time to block it off using good quality exterminators. Colorado deers are innocent creatures, but they are not as smart as you have heard in stories. Although they prefer to run away fast whenever they find something harmful to their life; they cannot always detect the exclusion funnels. They can even jump off the fences but cannot find a way to return back to your premises through exclusion funnels.

In case if you are not able to use exclusion funnels to deal with the deer issue, it is good to install some fences around your property to keep them away. The idea is to pick fences having measurements somewhere between 6 x 6 inches, but they are not just required to be above ground level; rather these fences must be partly buried below the foundation level as well. Professionals advise avoiding gaps as well as holes in the fences so that Boulder deer cannot crawl under to gain access to the streams, ponds, yard or garden plants. The best idea is to use fences with at least 8 inches height. One can also use barriers made up of netting that can keep deer out of the premises.

Some people also prefer to install barriers made up of shrubs around the streams and ponds as it may cause injury to the Colorado deer. When these creatures find this access painful, they naturally prefer to stop making efforts to get inside and move away to another target. It is one of the most trustworthy ways to deal with the deer problem, but in case if you are not able to handle any of these methods, it is good to contact professionals at deer exterminator services. These trained and experienced professionals know the right tricks and techniques to deal with the situation.

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