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  • Boulder Educational Article of the Month - Trusted Methods to Kill Boulder Beavers

Trusted Methods to Kill Boulder Beavers

If you are in trouble due to Colorado beaver’s infestation; you might be eager to know the best method to deal with these creatures. Many homeowners in the united states ask if it is good to use poison to kill these rodents. Well! Poison can be a trusted solution to deal with most other pests in the city, but when we talk about beavers, it cannot provide you desired results. It is not possible to kill beavers using any poisoned bait because you cannot be sure that it will be eaten by beaver only; many times, such baits are consumed by other animals or the pet in the house and it becomes big trouble for owners. Moreover, even if beaver eat the poisonous bait, you cannot be clear about where it dies. In case if it dies in the source of water, it will cause contamination and other animals, or humans will also be affected by harmful diseases. Even if it dies in the dry area, but at a darker corner of your property, the terrible odor released from its carcass will never let you live comfortably in the area. Hence, there is no point in using poison to kill beavers.

You might be aware of the fact that Boulder beavers spend most of their time in the water so if you are planning to shoot these creatures, you have to be a trained shooter so that you cannot miss your target. Also, it is important to be patient because the color of a beaver’s body makes it quite difficult to target the creature in the water. Beavers prefer to live in large groups, so it will also take a long time to shoot all members of the family to get rid of the problem permanently.

One can also make use of traps to kill the animal, and it is considered as best option to get instant results. There are two types of traps in general; one is a lethal trap, and the other is non-lethal traps. The second ones are used when you want to capture and relocate these creatures, but when you are ready to kill the animal, you have to choose the lethal one. There is a wide range of lethal traps available in the market; the most popular ones are body trap and snare trap. It is important to set the trap in the area where beaver stay active more often. If you have pets and kids at home, make sure they do not go in a direction where you have placed the trap otherwise they may get harmed.

It is believed that in order to kill a Colorado beaver with trap, one need to be an experienced trapper. Also, you have to make efforts to remove animal remains after its death in the trap. In order to ensure best results, make sure you get a trap with the right size, and it is placed in a right location with appropriate bait. Prefer to place it near beaver’s tunnels or in its pathways.

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